"It was a blast and I would do it all over again exactly like it happened. :-) I can't wait to be involved in more GirlsGuild programs in the future." Logan, Event Apprenticeship wih Teruko Nimura

"It was a super fun day and I've gotten the sweetest thank you e-mails from the attendees. It was very powerful to feel how helpful I could be for folks." Callen Thompson, Texas Land Conservancy

"I didn't think I would find an internship like this that wasn't business or medical, so didn't even know to look" Veronica, Production Apprentice with Stone & Smith

"Her parents hugged me three times and made sure i knew that my home was their home... I'm writing a college recommendation letter for her. I already know we'll be friends always" Melissa Chapman, Stone & Smith

"I put my apprenticeship with GirlsGuild on my resume, and it was actually a conversation piece in my job interviews." Samantha, Event Apprentice with GirlsGuild

"I taught class to a group of young woman who learned new skills that they may not have had access to before. These skills are not only fun and cool but also empowering." Anna Gieselman, Bee Amour

"Thanks for the opportunity to join Son of a Sailor! I started the apprenticeship today and already made 10 necklaces, how great, right? Jessica is a dream to work with!" Christina, Production Apprentice, Son of a Sailor

"When I dropped her off, she told me I was her biggest cheer which I think was meant as a translation to biggest fan. It's so true!" Melissa Chapman, Stone and Smith