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For girls, by girls.

  • Cheyenne Weaver

    Co-founder, Designer, Maker

    Cheyenne is an interaction and graphic designer, front-end web developer, and artist. When she’s not working on GirlsGuild or chasing beetles Cheyenne does UI and design for Red Hat, makes sculpture, and freelances occasionally. She was born in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico amongst hippies, but she eats her waffles one square at a time.

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  • Diana Griffin

    Co-founder, Designer, Educator

    Diana is an interaction & communication designer, and a former ESL teacher. She has lived in 4 countries on 3 continents, and loves the challenges of learning and sharing skills across generations and cultures. Originally from Vancouver, BC, now she's practicing replacing her “eh’s” and “aboot’s” with “y’all’s”, but she still eats her waffles with pure maple syrup.

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  • Melissa Chapman

    Community Evangelist, Designer, Maker

    Melissa is a business owner and newly minted interaction designer. Inspired by the power of design from a brief era living in Copenhagen, she traded her political hat in Oregon for a design hat in Texas. In both cases, her focus is engaging and mobilizing people. Despite growing up with Aunt Jemima in the south, she eats her waffles gluten free and covered in nuts & berries.

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Advisory Board


  • Samantha Simmons

    E.A.S.T. Event Apprentice, Artist, Maker

  • Skyler Lewis

    E.A.S.T. Event Apprentice, Artist, Maker

  • Catie Cleary

    Service Design Apprentice, Communicator, Maker

  • Autumn Shields

    Rails Development Apprentice, Developer, Maker