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"Veronica brought up the fact that the apprenticeship was originally set to end in December, and at the same time she and I looked at each other and said "yeah, right. I'm not letting you go!"

"I put my apprenticeship with GirlsGuild on my resume, and it was actually a conversation piece in my job interviews."

"I taught class to a group of young woman who learned new skills that they may not have had access to before. These skills are not only fun and cool but also empowering."

"Thanks for the opportunity to join Son of a Sailor! I started the apprenticeship today and already made 10 necklaces, how great, right? Jessica is a dream to work with!"

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Folk Herbalism with Sophia Rose Ages 18 and Up
Fri, Oct 02  -  Sun, Jan 31 1d495b5d4005b0ed042a47abf7b6506b?s=50&d=mm
Watercolor & Design with Heidi Miller Lowell Ages 14 and Up
Wed, Sep 23  -  Fri, Dec 04 Ebad4f49591d61e25465518a0212b857?s=50&d=mm
Production Assistant with Natalie Davis Ages 20 and Up
Thu, Aug 27  -  Fri, Dec 18 Ndavis
Bath and Body Products with Lisa Chouinard Ages 18 and Up
Mon, Jul 13  -  Wed, Sep 30 E939038ee4e99188192ebacbbf0c4f72?s=50&d=mm


  • More hands-on than a “mentorship”, more equitable than an “internship”; we define apprenticeships as a collaborative way to trade knowledge and skills for help with making.